Tuesday, March 17, 2009

100+ Reading Challenge Continues

I'm very excited to have discovered J. Kaye, who is hosting another (sheesh... this has been going on without my knowing?!?!! Amazing!) fantastic challenge - the 100+ Reading Challenge. I found myself imagining that this will be an easy challenge for me to meet because I'm reading all the time... then it dawned on me that while I AM reading most of the time, I only actually read approximately one book a week. Since a year only has 52 weeks this could actually be considered quite an accomplishment. I'm up for it. ;-)

The challenge is - read 100 books in the year 2009 (no starting early). The challenge runs from 1/1/09 to 12/31/09. Any books are acceptable.

There is also a Yahoo Group that you can join to talk about your books.

So head on over to J. Kaye's and sign up with Mr. Linky.

My books will be listed below. If you come play let me know... I might be looking for book recommendations ;-) Though I must confess... I'm hardly the most discriminating reader... if there are words, I read.

I presume that starting right at midnight is fair so I have my first book lined up... with completion date noted.

1. HIDE by Lisa Gardner (01-03-09)
2. The Christmas Sweater by Glenn Beck (01-04-09)
3. American Gods by Neil Gaiman (01-11-09)
4. retribution by Jilliane Hoffman (01-17-09)
5. Wisdom, Inc. by Seth Godin (01-22-09)
6. Light Before Day by Christopher Rice (01-23-09)
7. Twice Kissed by Lisa Jackson (01-27-09)
8. Tunnel Vision by Sara Paretsky (02-01-09)
9. The Alibi Man by Tami Hoag (02-04-09)
10. Killing Fear by Allison Brennan (02-07-09)

11. The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs (02-12-09)
12. Tempting Evil by Allison Brennan (02-18-09)
13. Mystic River by Dennis Lehane (02-21-09)
14. Rage by Jonathan Kellerman (02-27-09)
15. The Constant Gardener by John LeCarre (03-05-09)
16. The DaVinci Legacy by Lewis Perdue (03-10-09)
17. The Third Victim by Lisa Gardner (03-13-09)
18. The Kills by Linda Fairstein (03-17-09)
19. Trick of Light by David Hunt (03-21-09)
Hidden Prey by John Sandford (03-23-09)

21. Power Plays - Politika by Tom Clancy (03-29-09)
22. Billy Straight - Jonathan Kellerman (04-05-09)
23. The Ruins - Scott Smith (04-11-09)
24. Stalemate - Iris Johansen (04-12-09)
25. the mediator Shadowland - Meg Cabot (04-14-09)
26. The Ultimate Gift - Jim Stovall
27. The Darkest Evening of the Year - Dean Koontz (04-20-09)
28. A Necessary Evil - Alex Kava (04-23-09)
29. the mediator Shadowland - Meg Cabot (04-25-09)
30. One Last Scream - Kevin O'Brien (04-30-09)

One False Move - Alex Kava (05-04-09)
32. Bone Thief - Thomas O'Callaghan (05-09-09)
33. You've Been Warned - James Patterson (05-13-09)
34. The Cobra Event - Richard Preston (05-17-09)
35. Cross - James Patterson (05-22-09)
36. Incriminating Evidence - Sheldon Siegel (05-27-09)
37. Moment of Truth - Lisa Scottoline (06-01-09)
38. Scent of Roses - Kat Martin (sometime in May)
39 Dead of the Day - Karen E. Olson (also sometime in May)

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  1. Hey Mary K,

    You're really moving through those books!! Jonathon Kellerman is one of my favorite authors. How did you like Rage?


  2. Hi Jackie...

    Yes! I'm thoroughly enjoying myself. ;-)

    RAGE was GREAT! Have you read it? Personally, I don't experience 'rage' though it got me in touch with my 'anger' is some unexpected ways. That along with being highly entertaining made it a 5* in my book.

    (Actually, John LeCarre's The Constant Gardener is the only book so far, that I would say I haven't enjoyed enough to do at least a little rave about. So MANY books to read!!!! ;-))

    Thanks for dropping by,
    I so appreciate you!